Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I can (for Abby who reminded me)

I can breathe.
I can sleep.
I can burp, hiccup, stick out my tongue, wink, and raise my eyebrows.

I can kiss.

I can raise my left foot.
I can eat...some food.
I can drink...some liquids.
I can appreciate art, music, movies, literature, a good joke.

I can laugh.

I can cry.
I can blow snot bubbles.
I can get scared.
I can daydream about the future, the past, and the present.

I can listen.

I can push buttons with my knuckles.
I can be embarrassed.
I can pet Jackson.
I can laugh at myself - often.

I can love.

I can roll.
I can type.
I can write.
I can help, commiserate, offer advice, have insight.

I can teach.

I can crash.
I can break things.
I can roll over toes.
I can bump into people, walls, furniture, and dogs.

I can be sorry.

I can be introspective.
I can be loud.
I can be opinionated.
I can be too much, not enough, just right, and a burden.

I can.

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