Saturday, July 29, 2017

Laughter IS the best medicine

I woke up knowing that they had done the surgery laproscopically.
Dry irritated throat.
My jaw aching from some sort of equipment holding it open.
As best as I could
I reached to touch my ostomy bag.
It was still there.
I must have dreamt that with another hole disappears the other.
Not true.
Pain meds.
Up to urinate.
Something about paper pants and no bra
And a very bumpy I-95 ride home.
Boxes of unknown supplies met us at the door.
Along with hesitant looks by my children.
Sister stroking my arm
Letting me cry
Waiting until I fell asleep.
Long, painful night
Brings in the less painful morning.
Gravity feeding.
Learning a new normal.
Best Lysol Soda shows up
With stories and laughter
Pictures and distractions.
Creaky, soft voice
Becomes creaky, louder voice.
"It hurts when I laugh"
Uttered and moaned.
But I don't want it to stop.
Something reassuring having Lisa sleep
In the room of my teenage daughter
The same age we were when we giggled.
Pain less.
More feedings.
Some food by mouth.
Out rolling around the neighborhood
With Lisa going slow.
Apprehensive about going by myself.
Life moving on.
Tiling bathroom.
Ripping up floors.
New bed for old bed.
Four women hiding in the bathroom
As ordinary as sitting in a bar.
Once being the crazy woman in the pwc who rode around 6.1 mph.
Now being the crazy woman in the pwc with the small couch pillow pushed against her abdomen
Riding a cautious 4.5 mph - temporarily.
First independent ride.
Seeing the Momma deer
First time in two weeks.
Staring me down.
"Where have you been?"
We seem to ask each other.
Trusting me enough to bring her babies into view
Less spots
Bigger bodies.
Cool breezes
Bring me home.


  1. I want to simply stroke your arm, and consider the Chester river.
    Much love.

  2. My favorite kind of sharing. I feel connected to you every time I read a new post. So happy for your village of support.

  3. I was so happy to see you out and about again. Sending you love.