Friday, June 23, 2017

rediscovering joy

Tonight I rediscovered joy
In the laughter of my children
And the twinkle in my husband's eyes.
In red jello with whipped cream
Keen conversation
And gentle caring hands of my son feeding me.
I found joy
In rolling through dusk
The first lightning bugs of summer
Humid cool breezes
Rushing through the trees
Promising rain.
I found joy in dark grey clouds
Creating mosaics against the sky
Bats beating wings
Cicadas coming awake
Roosters saying goodnight.
I found joy in fragrant flowers
Wet earth
Musky mulch
And the wood burning in backyard fire pits.
I found joy in moving fast
The darkness overcoming the road
Not being able to see in front of me
And trusting the familiarity of my path.

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