Tuesday, April 11, 2017

NOT off the beaten path

A few weeks back a woman was driving down our street, reading something on her cell phone, and then proceeded to crash into our parked car and run over our mailbox. Thank G-d no one was hurt. We lost a car and a mailbox and in the grand scheme of life, these things do not matter. However, as this fabulous Spring weather is upon us I realize that we lost something else that day - our clematis. Over the years Adam had nurtured our clematis plant (vine? bush?) around our mailbox. Every Spring it would bloom with majestic purple flowers bigger than your hand. It was gorgeous! When this woman carelessly ran down our mailbox, she took most of the clematis down, leaving just a few strands of vine. Some people might be thinking, it will grow back or it is merely a plant. And they are right - it will grow back and it is only a plant. However, growth takes time. And time is a precious commodity. It took years for this beautiful plant to grow and it had become a symbol of Spring, warmer days, and positive change for our family.
This realization of simple loss was bumming me out. I decided I needed to do something about it so I went for a roll around the neighborhood. When I was more able I might have taken a walk off the beaten path, through the woods that run next to the creek. I remember walking with kids and dogs, neighbors and friends. We walked these woods through rain and mud, seeing deer, turtles, and listening to the trickling water. But now that I am rolling instead of strolling, I made a choice to find the beautiful symbols of Spring that were right in front of me, on the side of the road, NOT off the beaten path.
Beauty I did see...

The scents, the sun, the breeze, the buzzing of the bees all as Spring brings things back to life! All of this just from my pwc as I roll around my neighborhood.
I will miss the grandeur of the mailbox clematis. It was important to me. Who knows - maybe I will get the time to see it in full bloom again. In the meantime I will find other ways to regal in the beauty of Spring.