Thursday, April 6, 2017

lists of life in no particular order

"Alexa, play ocean sounds."
"Ocean sounds by ocean sounds."

no more Phoebe
walker upstairs
walker downstairs
no more walkers

borrowed pink manual wheelchair
borrowed red manual wheelchair
PWC - hot pink with cup holder
van with ramp
EZ lock

moved dining room table
moved dining room chairs
moved kitchen table
moved one kitchen chair

dining room chair for my feet
little purple blanket
big blue blanket from our beach supplies
wonder woman blanket
plant stand / little table

vitamin C drops
extra toothbrush
rubber mat
grab bar, grab bar, grab bar...

clumps of dried mud
bags of pills
dings in walls
dings in molding
dings in kitchen cabinets
ramp, ramp

stair glide
pulled up carpet
bigger bathroom
roll in shower
shower wheelchair

moved bed
switched sides
bed bar
pivot disc
    aka "lazy debbie disc"

electric toothbrushes
extra pillows
little pillow
on my back
help turning to my side
help turning to my other side

pill box
neck pillow
funny socks
yoga pants

awkward conversations
what happened?
what's wrong?
will you get better?
change the subject

boxes of cards
boxes of notes
boxes of love
supportive texts
huge favors never to be reciprocated

lift seat
no lift seat
help getting to bathroom
help getting onto toilet
help with pants down
help with pants up

food cut up
paper cups
fork that bends with larger handle
fork that bends with larger handle now too heavy
little fork
paper plates
paper bowls

hard to text
touch too soft
touch too hard
turns to calls
methodical talking
hard to talk
voice recognition
voice recognition hysterical mishaps

"Alexa, table lamps off."
"I'm sorry, I don't have tag lights in your devices."

Lights out.

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