Monday, April 10, 2017

From temporary to permanent

I have been dreading this day for over six months. Today was the day we got the blue handicapped placard for our van. Blue is the color of the permanent placard. The temporary one that expired at the end of March was maroon. It said temporary at the top, and seeing it there gave me this hope (albeit false hope) that I was to get better and I wouldn't need it anymore. Sigh.

But there it hangs, the blue placard with permanent at the top, taunting me. "Ha! No chance now!" Since I have a tendency to name everything - Phoebe, Consuela - I am going to name the placard "Bitch". I am sure Bitch and I will have a tenacious relationship at best.
On a completely different note, we spent the weekend getting ready for Passover. "We" isn't quite accurate. My Mom came here and made chicken soup and matzoh balls. I supervised.

Gillian made charoset. I supervised.

Adam moved furniture and, yes, I supervised. Kathleen, Marian, and Gillian set the table and I supervised. All the rest of the cooking took place outside of our home, all made with love and I am sure delicious. Now people are here getting ready for Seder and I am sort of supervising. It is surely a strange feeling watching something you have always done a great portion of, going on around you without the ability to do anymore. Last year I was able to do some of the Seder prep with the hope that this year I would be able to do it all again. But life took a turn, and we went from temporary to permanent.

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