Sunday, March 5, 2017

Stream of thoughts from this weekend

Though it is not very clear, this is one of my favorite pictures ever: (Photo creds to Ean)

My Mom is back in New Jersey and though that always makes me feel great, I know she must feel torn between being here with me and being in Florida with my Grandmother.
I absolutely LOVE chocolate.
It was nice to talk to Lisa.
It was nice to talk to Sarah.
When Lisa is in town I often mistakenly call her Sarah.
My Aunt Gail also uses a power wheelchair (pwc) and I always had trouble understanding why she banged into things all the time. Now I totally get it. I owe Aunt Gail an apology.
My dogs are crazy.
People who spend time with us at our home with our crazy dogs must REALLY love us. They are that crazy!
I wish that I could eat without getting all these crumbs in my lap. Yes, I do use a napkin.
I had a great dream last night about a preschool I was involved in that was located in the bar in Chestertown that was on the other side of the cemetery. WC friends, what was the name of that bar?
I am really looking forward to going to Handbag Bingo this weekend!
Danny and Tom are saints.
I love cozy long sleeve t-shirts.
My nails look like shit.
I wish that my speech wasn't slowing down.
I am losing my ability to use intonation.
Intonation is one of the keys to humor.
My nephew Sam has a very good sense of humor.
My kids and my niece and nephew (Erin and Sam) get along so well. It's fun to listen in on their conversations.
We have way too much wine in the house.
I think I am going to give a bottle to every person who comes and visits me. Talk about incentive!
I was able to help my Mom with a writing project today. It felt good.
I love to write.
Somehow I will always write.
I will write to the end.
It is weird to think that PALS are actively dying.
I am actively dying.
I am actively living!
I did a lot of living this weekend!
Seeing the ocean this weekend, even if it was only for a few minutes, rejuvenated my soul.
I wonder how many people are Facebook friends with ex-boyfriends/girlfriends.
I just decided that this was okay for me.
It isn't weird.
I'm letting go of what I used to think was weird, and just letting it all be.
I wish the world could read what a CALS (caregiver) wrote on an ALS online support group page yesterday. This woman has such insight. It was truly brilliant.
There are days that I think being a CALS is harder than being a PALS. Today was one of those days.
Adam made me laugh so hard a couple of times this weekend that my stomach hurt, I was snorting, tears were coming from my eyes, and I could do nothing until the laughter passed.
When I laugh like that, Adam laughs.
We were laughing together.
One of the things we laugh about is the ridiculousness of these boots:

These are the monstrosities that take the pressure off my heels. They work but they are so hot and look so insane! I need boots with just a little style. Is that too much to ask?
I am looking forward to this week.
Making plans, moving forward.
Live to Love. Love to Live.

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