Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Necessity is the mother of invention OR how do you grab the grabber

Adam bought Tastykake Kandycakes. For the kids. For their lunches. Not the peanut butter ones, but the chocolate ones with the perfect thin layer of white cream that runs through it. Oh. My. Goodness. They are the perfect little cake. Come in two-packs. A great snack for after lunch or around three o'clock when you just want a little something.

Adam hides the snacks he wants to leave for lunches. Or he thinks he hides them. I let him think they are well hidden, but well...they are not. Most of the time I just leave them alone but today I just couldn't. The Kandycakes were calling me. "Deb! Come and get me! I am delicious with a glass of milk!"

I surveyed the situation. The Kandycakes were positioned behind the bottle of gummi multi-vitamins on the kitchen window sill. Way out of reach from the pwc. I remembered that I have a grabber. Looks a little bit like a back scratcher, but with a claw on one end for grabbing things, hence the name "grabber". I rolled into the living room to retrieve the grabber. However with all the construction and chaos going on in our home it was no longer leaning against the railing. Alas, it was on the floor wedged against the wall. Out of reach from the pwc.

I surveyed this new situation. I grabbed a towel and began swiping the grabber until it pulled away from the wall. Now if I leaned over just so I would be able to pick it up. Somehow I was able to manipulate the pwc into a position to grab the grabber in between my middle finger and my ring finger. Almost...got...it! NO! It fell! But this time it fell leaning against my foot which was resting on the foot plate of my pwc. If I just use the controls to very s-l-o-w-l-y raise the foot plate I could grab it. Okay slowly...slowly...a little more...GOT IT!

I had possesion of the grabber. I was a little tired from all that hard work, but I didn't forget about the end goal. Kandycakes and a large glass of milk. I rolled myself back into the kitchen. I realized that before I was to get to my desire, I was going to have to conquer the large jar of multi-vitamins. Should I grab them? Probably not a good idea. The jar would probably be too heavy for my weakened hands and arms. So I went with plan B - I would use the grabber to just push the jar out of the way. I was able to lift the grabber and push the jar to the left just enough to see the pile of double-packs that Adam had so innocently hid from me.

One more step. My mouth began to water in anticipation of my reward. I lifted the grabber toward the windowsill in the open position with my left hand ready to close upon the sweets. My arm began to cramp a little with the weight of the grabber, but I was not going to let that stop me. I had experienced worse. As the opening got to the goal I squeezed the handle and the claw closed upon the cakes. I slowly lowered the Kandycakes into my lap and let go. Success!

I took a few moments to admire my work and catch my breath. I rolled over to the fridge and opened the door to get the milk. I looked inside and my heart dropped. The milk was on the top shelf. Way beyond my reach. I smiled and shut the fridge. Chocolate Kandycakes and ice water was going to have to do today.

I opened the package and savored every bite of those cakes. It was totally worth it.


  1. So impressive! I would go to great lengths for Tastykakes also!!