Monday, March 13, 2017

Cheap sweatpants

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Cheap sweatpants
crawl up my calf
and reveal too much sock.
Hair in perpetual
from sleep and headrests.
Arms no longer reaching
places to scratch
or scrunch.
Gnarled fingers
scratch at my face
attempting to bring on youth
with false claims
of anti-aging cream.
Shirts that rise up
above my soft belly
and gassed up bag
and up my back
revealing old lady
previously only used
for periods
and crampy days.
Scratches and bruises
last for days
leaving traces of dry skin
when they are gone.
No longer "what if"
but rather "when"
for trusts
and wills
and directives
and health plans.
Blue feet
bruised toes
cracked nails
all on this
unrecognizable body.
Success in pulling up
elastic waistbands
using strength
typically used for
opening brand new
jars of pickles.
Resonating words in
speeches made by actors
who play their end of life
when you are living
end of life.
crooked forks
extra napkins.
People look -
I smile
and they smile back.
Sometimes from embarrassment.
They were caught
in a stare.
Sometimes from sincerity.
Can't remember which one I was.

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