Monday, February 20, 2017

When there are no words and words are "your thing"

In a conversation I was having with my friend Brian early Saturday evening, he said "Words are your thing." Many out of town guests had come back to our home after the Live to Love fundraiser that our friends had put together for us. We were chatting in my living room. He was referring to the thank you I delivered at the event. "Words are your thing."

Ok. If words are my thing, then how is it that I now have no words? 

How is it that I have no words to adequately thank people for the Live to Love fundraiser?  For raising money so our family can provide for my care? So my children will feel normalcy? 
Where are the words?

What does one say after an afternoon like Saturday when there was so much love in the room that your cheeks hurt two days later from smiling? At every turn there was another person who affected your life in such a positive way that you really needed a few hours to catch up with them.
Where are my words?

I looked around the room and it was like all the different pieces of my life had been transported to one place. My childhood, adulthood, work before teaching, teaching, my children's childhood, family - all brought together to show kindness and support.
Where are the words to thank people for this?

What does one say when this large room was filled with so much love and laughter that it had to spill out onto the porch, into the sunshine, into the warmth of an unseasonably mild February day?
The tables filled with people who came from all different parts of your life, laughing and talking - enjoying music, food, and drink together like old friends. 
How do you say thank you for this?

What do you say when you know your friends from different compartments of your life came together and spent hours working side by side to create beauty and kindness all with you in mind? These once strangers now, at the end of "the day", hugging each other like old friends. 
Where are the words to thank people for this?

What do say when you have been blessed with so much good, and love, and joy, and light? All I can say is that the Live to Love event was something that my family will never forget. "Thank you" is not enough but it is all I have right now, with the promise that this kindness bestowed upon us will be paid forward. 

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