Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Staying busy / Balance

I have had my motor running since Friday: 

Friday afternoon visit from Danielle and Rose.
Saturday Visit from Evan.
Short Saturday pop in from my niece and nephew (with cupcakes!).
Saturday night Olive Garden with Adam and Gillian. Great conversations.
Sunday breakfast with Kay, Marissa, and Laura.
Target and Marshalls shopping with my Mom and Dad on Monday.
Monday surprise visit from Regina who was up from North Carolina.
Monday night dinner with Kim, Jen, and Carolyn.
Tuesday appointment with the lawyer.
Tuesday visit from Evelyn - I now have clean-shaven legs! (It's about time!)

And now...quiet. 
The occasional noise of my dogs' nails on the wood floor.
Or a car going by.
Or the banging of my bracelets on the keyboard.
Gillian's footsteps upstairs.
But mostly quiet.

I am not sure which is better. Maybe a balance of both? I love seeing friends and catching up on old times. I love getting out of the house and shopping and spending time with my parents. But I also need the quiet. I need to be able to reboot and listen to nothing; rest my voice; contemplate the next step. Honestly this is just me. I have always needed this balance. 

The next few days will hold:

A visit tomorrow morning from some really great people that are helping us.
My Dad coming over to help me navigate the process of voice banking.
Thursday is our big appointment at the ALS Clinic in Philly - doctor, OT, PT, speech therapist, first swallowing test.
Friday holds a meeting in the morning.
Friday afternoon - van!

This happens to be the busiest week I have had in months. I appreciate the busy and the distractions. I am grateful for the visits and plans. I want to have moments to look forward to. I need to know that our "stuff" is in order. And I will find the time to rest, and breathe. I will find the balance I need.

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