Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dreams and Jello

I did not sleep very well last night.
My bed was uncomfortable.
The pillows were not right.
I was too close to the bar and I kept imagining that I was going to fall over the edge.
The dog was sleeping on my legs.
Sonky and Adam were snoring in perfect rhythm.
Too hot with the blanket on.
Too cold with the blanket off.
You know - one of THOSE nights.
Everyone has them once in a while.
On top of that when I did fall asleep I had the weirdest dream.
Adam and I were walking through a neighborhood going door to door asking people if we could pet sit for them. I knew it was summer because there were ladies sitting on their front porches drinking lemonade, wearing sunglasses and bathing suits. Every time we went to a house, the people said yes and brought us in and introduced us to their pets - hedgehogs and lizards mostly. One man - who looked like my Grandpa Sol - had us meet his bearded dragon in his backyard above ground swimming pool.
When we got home we realized that we didn't take down any names or addresses or get people's house keys. So I jumped in my smart car and drove back to the neighborhood which was now under construction and the workers were picking up pieces of 2x4s from the road as I drove up to block my way. I kept having to find a detour, and I got lost. Eventually I found my way back to the highway and started driving home without any of the information I needed.
I don't particularly think my dreams mean anything. But if they did this one was chock full of meaning - finding a detour, not getting the information I needed. Feels a little like my life.

I canceled a visit with a friend because of being tired and kind of cranky. I also had to change my bag this morning which is time consuming and honestly exhausting. I don't like canceling on people, especially my friends.

I decided I wanted Jello for breakfast (no judgment). My Mom made me Jello with some canned fruit mixed in. Yes, my Mom made me Jello. Like when I was little (again, no judgment). I took it out of the fridge, along with the cool whip (can't have Jello without cool whip). I spooned out some of the Jello into a bowl. And of course some of it spilled on the floor. Okay, no problem. I called the dogs over to eat the Jello, but they snubbed their noses at it. does a person in a power wheel chair clean up Jello from the kitchen floor without the assistance of their dogs? Let's try some paper towel. In my attempt to get the paper towel I rolled over the Jello. So now there is Jello on the floor and Jello on my power wheel chair wheel. And if I continue to move in the wheel chair the Jello goes all over the floor. This is a quandary.
I managed to reach the paper towel with my stretched out arms. I threw the paper towel to the floor where it miraculously landed on the spilled Jello. Then I rode over the paper towel with my wheel chair which somehow picked up the spilled Jello and cleaned up my sticky wheel all at the same time. I was able to do something similar with a damp paper towel. Problem solved!
Well you would have thought I had landed on the moon with how happy this small accomplishment made me! I began to laugh out loud which then made me cry because I am so tired. The dogs are looking at me like I am crazy. And YES, I still did eat Jello and cool whip for breakfast.

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  1. 1. Get a baby pig. Sure to like Jello.
    2. Always eat what your mother makes you. That's a rule!
    3. We love you.