Thursday, December 22, 2016

My ABC's of gratitude

I have been inspired by a dear friend to write a A-Z list of gratitude.  Here it goes:

Adam; ALS Association
Babies; babies laughing; bracelets; blogging; b'shert
Children; Consuela; crying; chocolate; colleagues
Dad; donations; dogs
Ean; elephant ears; Dr. Elman; eating
Family and Friends; forgiveness; forever
Gillian; giving; generosity
Hugs; helpers; hope
Internet; insurance; inspiration
Judaism; journeys
Kids (mine and all the others); kisses; kindness
Live to Love, Love to Live; LOVE; laughing; Lawrenceville
Mom; money; music; Mount Holyoke; mitzvot
Normalcy; nice notes; new friends
Open communication; old friends
Packages; patience; prayers and praying
Religion; reflection; Robbinsville; Roosevelt; ramps
Sarah; stairglide; stars; simplicity; Sharon School; swallowing; students
Trying; time; transferring; texting; talking; teachers
Village; vans
Wheelchairs; warmth
Zest for life

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