Friday, December 30, 2016


Well, here we are. New Year's Eve Eve. One and a half days until this year ends. I keep seeing all these posts on Facebook about how people are looking forward to this year being over, and how 2016 was such an awful year. Yes, a crazy man got elected to be President of the United States. Yes, a lot of celebrities died. And on a personal note, yes, I was diagnosed with ALS. But perhaps we shouldn't blame the year. My friend has said that she thinks it is a bit silly when people say "January was a bad month" or "2016 was a bad year". I tend to agree. Yes, bad things did happen during that time period, but so did lots of good things - some big and some little. So I am here to tell you about the good things that happened in 2016 - at least the things I can remember. We will call this the List of good in 2016.

Adam loves me.
I had my colon removed and I no longer have ulcerative colitis.
My parents are both healthy.
I began writing again after a very long hiatus.
Sarah started college. And she likes it! And she writes beautiful poetry.
Gillian loves school. And she loves to learn.
Ean started high school. And he likes it.
Ean was on a great travel baseball team and we got to go away with them this year.
I have wonderful friends.
My friends have gone above and beyond to show their love.
People who were once strangers are now new friends.
Adam and I went to Las Vegas with Kathleen and Lew.
Adam and I went to DC with the kids.
The patriotism and sense of American pride I felt in DC was a breath of fresh air.
Smithsonian museums are really amazing.
DC at night is breathtaking.
My dogs are happy and love to snuggle me.
Friends had healthy babies.
Karen's son is going longer periods of time with good counts and better health. He spent Christmas at home!
I am still here telling people I love them every single day.
Surprise visits from friends.
Surprise dinners from friends.
The blue jays have come back to make a home in my backyard.
The ramps that get me in and out of my house.
My wheelchair was approved by the insurance company.
I still have health insurance.
I can still do little things to make others happy.
My relationships are getting stronger.
I gained a new appreciation for the music of Michael Jackson and Darius Rucker.
I reconnected with some long, lost friends.
I am sharing memories and making new ones.
The cherry trees in my front yard still bloom every Spring and make me and others in the community smile.
The variations of color in the fall leaves.
The warmth of Summer breezes and being able to have your windows open.
I am still a teacher.

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