Monday, November 28, 2016

My 2nd post for today

I know I already posted today but it is 11:50 pm and I am wide awake.  This is a really bad time of night for me. Quiet, no distractions,  my brain working overtime.

Random ALS thoughts:
What will it feel like when I start to lose my respiratory function?  (I think of this one a lot)
Will my feet ever feel warm again?
I hate that I slouch.
I'm taking so many meds. Are they really helping?
What happens when I can't type?  Can't talk? Will those things happen?
This must be hell on my parents (now I'm crying).
I wonder how many women in the world have ALS.
How will I take meds when I can't swallow?
Does it hurt to die?

Random non-ALS thoughts:
Will I be able to see my school friends tomorrow without bawling my eyes out?
How do I show Darlene my appreciation for everything she has done for me this year?
I feel so bad for yelling at Adam.
I should make G some hard boiled eggs.
I have to make a hard phone call tomorrow afternoon.
E is swimming in his first meet tomorrow!
Maybe I should find a religious person to talk to.  I have many questions.
I wonder if I can eat citrus fruit.
It's been great to reconnect with some old friends.
I hope to have good dreams tonight.
How many times did I let the dogs out today?
Our upstairs TV is annoying.
I wonder what take-aways Carol Clark will have from this blog post.

I need to sleep.


  1. Love your posts. Always so thought provoking.
    I know a few religious people; Ivy, Marian, Melissa and I had leaders who are frum, and my boyfriend is Orthodox. I can help arrange if you're interested. ❤️