Monday, July 11, 2016


I joined two Facebook support groups.  I am not sure how I feel about this.  I recognize that many people join these groups and reach out when they are at their lowest, or they need answers to some serious problems.  Some of the posts are hard to read because I am not there emotionally or not having those problems.  That can be scary at times.  I am trying to weed out what I need.  And if I post a question, there are a lot of people around the world who can give me an answer.  User based answers, not doctor based.

I have been connected to a friend of a friend who has UC.  She is going to have the same surgery I had in one week's time with the same surgeon!  I am finding that this is more reassuring and giving me more support than anonymous support groups.  We don't really know each other, but we are emailing back and forth and writing about our fears and accomplishments.  I feel like since I am a few weeks ahead, I can help her, and that makes me feel good.

Support has come in all forms.  Dinners from friends, cards in the mail, my kids bringing the walker up and down the steps, apologies, my daughter sending me the exact right blog post at the exact right time, text messages, catching up at Paneras, visits, honors, flowers that don't die, the greetings I get from my kids' friends, and the expectation of normalcy in my everyday life.

Tomorrow will be three weeks post op.  I am feeling really good.  I am down to ibuprofen in the morning and something a little stronger at night.  The pain is totally manageable.  More so than I imagined at this point in time.  I am drinking a lot of water and have introduced iced tea into my repertoire which I am handling well.  I am still eating a pretty basic diet, but I have eaten pizza!  I love pizza!  And it seems okay so far.  I am nervous to eat fruits and vegetables, but I'll get there.  I am changing my bag independently, and my care has become routine.  It is interesting, but this whole process has made me slow down.  Slow down when I eat, slow down when I walk (well that is for other reasons), slow down when I get ready in the morning.  I am not rushing to get things done, because I can't and because I need to care for myself in a way that takes time and patience.  Time and patience is how I can support myself.

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