Sunday, May 1, 2016

On My Way...

I bumped into a friend today at Target.  He asked how I was feeling, and I said a lot better.  And that is true!  I am feeling a lot better.  I am not sure if it the Remicade treatments, or the adjustment to some other medications, or a combination of both.  But I am feeling a lot better.  Is it perfect?  No. This is what does "a lot better" mean to me...
It means I can leave the house pretty much whenever I want because I know I can get to a bathroom on time without having an accident.  
It means that I am still going to the bathroom a lot, and I am still a pro at finding public bathrooms.
It means that I am living with a lot less pain than I was. 
It means that I have some energy to do things like clean the bathtub, or go through piles of junk.
It means that I still feel like I have to sleep a lot more than the normal person.
It means that I went on a date with my husband this weekend and we laughed (A LOT) and talked and watched a silly movie.  And I was focused on our time together and not the fact that I would have to run to the bathroom.  
It means I can put some more energy into getting my legs stronger because my immune system isn't fighting me every second of every day.
It means that I don't have to fight to stay positive, but the positive emotions come more naturally.  

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