Thursday, April 14, 2016


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to travel with my oldest daughter and my husband to visit the college that my daughter will most likely attend in the fall.  It is a sprawling, beautiful campus and though I made the best of the situation, I was unable to do a walking tour of the campus. I went into the campus center to get myself a diet coke from the vending machine, and bumped into another mother I had seen around the campus that day.  She asked if I was about to go on the tour, and I casually said no, pointed to my brace (Phoebe), the walking is too much for me right now. She said, oh, are you disabled? I said no, just temporarily out of the walking tour business.  We smiled together and she went off.
After getting my diet coke, I sat outside in the sunshine and thought, am I disabled?  I am on disability and unable to work right now.  I have to wear Phoebe to get around.  There are some days I find it difficult to leave the house because I am in the bathroom a lot.
Is being disabled a bad thing?  Should I even be using the word disabled?  Maybe I am differently abled?
I am able to cook for my family.  I am able to love my kids.  I am able to love my husband.  I am able to be over the top appreciative of the love and support my family, friends, and community are showing me.  I am able to do PT in order to make myself stronger.  I am able to go to Penn for my treatments that I pray will make me better. I am able to love on my dogs.  I am able to occasionally go places with my friends.  I am able to help my kids with big decisions and little ones.
So I am able.  Some days I am more able than others, but isn't everyone like that?  
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  1. Well said. Well thought. We are all differently abled at some things, I expect. And abled at others. Best of luck, Debbie. We are cheering for you to be abled in all things!

  2. I LOVE this!! We all have our ables and our unables and our sometimes ables.. Glad you are focusing on the good. I hope your treatment starts to work soon. Xoxo

  3. This is great, Deb! And inspiring. Perhaps I will pick your brain about blogging...

  4. Mrs Dauer, this is Brandi, Mason and Eva's mom. I have been looking for a way to get in touch with you. Then, I learned about your blog so I googled you. I want, very much, to be in contact with you but don't know how to contact you directly. I think if you all the time!!